Panda Earrings


By wearing these adorable panda earrings you are connecting yourself to all that the panda represents.  Panda symbols bring forth the importance of personal boundaries, especially when times are getting tough.   Also, if you are worried your life is moving too fast, panda symbols encourage us to slow down and take a step back to really appreciate and enjoy what is happening now.

These earrings are artisan crafted and designed with comfort and durability in foresight without compromising style and quality material. Wear your unique NatureNumb Panda earrings for ages to come, and tell your friends and family about the major impact you had on the giant panda’s  journey.

If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, please return it hassle-free. Customer satisfaction is our main priority!

  • Suitable for everyday wear!
  • Made of Sterling Silver
  • Colorful and Smooth Enamel that Brings Personality to Your Earrings

Help save the pandas! 10% of the proceeds of your purchase will be directly donated to the World Wildlife fund. Lets work together and help protect the pandas!

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