We are NaturenNumb, We ProtectSaveHelp Animals

NatureNumb was created after an idea was sparked from a simple question – how can we help? Attending college in West Virginia, we became exposed to the forests and the abundance of the beautiful life that lives in them. However, we also realized how detrimental humanity can be to our beautiful environment.


We want to save the rhinos! It’s really close to our hearts and we donate to charity at the end of each month. We have also started a new project donating to Port Stephens Koalas.


At NatureNumb, we believe that every act of conservation matters. Whether it’s helping animals in need or a complex forest restoration, every conservation action contributes to the collective positive outcome for the environment and the animals that live in it. We want to help save the planet and all that live on it. Coming together as humans and making the world a better place one donation at a time.


Our products are not only of excellent quality and perfect gifts for any nature lover; they are a constant reminder of the changes we can make. The future of the environment is not merely in the hands of a few but in all of us. You can tell people about your bracelet or shirt that you are wearing and that you helped contribute to a wonderful cause and help spread the word. We are here to help save wildlife, but also to help spark conversations between us people because people are the ones who can influence the impacts on nature the most.
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Who We Are

A company that just wants to make the world a better place.

So join us in our mission to help clean up this planet and save those who cannot speak up to save themselves. By ourselves we can make a dent, but together we can make an impact.