It's Up To Us

To Save The Rhinos

Rhinos Need Our Help

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn't just been tough for humans. It's been putting rhinos in real jeopardy. With only 5,500 black rhinos left, it's proving incredibly difficult. Since the lockdown, poaching has risen higher than the normal rate. The lockdown appears to have given rhino poachers free time to regroup and plan strikes.

Every 12 Hours a Rhino is Killed

Rhino poaching is at an all-time high. Ever since the pandemic, rhino poaching has become harder to defeat. Poachers kill a rhino every 12 hours on average.

Rhino Conservancies Need Help

COVID-19 has affected income for rhino conservancies like never before. The unprecedented overnight loss of tourism has caused devastating effects on budgets, impacting everyday activities, and long-term plans. The pandemic has closed down the tourism industry almost overnight. Which in return, is making it easier for poachers.

This Is Why We Need Your Help

For each necklace sold, we will donate directly to rhino charities and conservancies across Africa.

Its Time To Put a Stop To Poaching

Urgent support and action are needed from you today. Let's make a difference and save our rhinos. Each necklace will make a difference.